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June 1, 2005, 10:06 amWell, we're back. Busted our bandwdth AGAIN. Darn you readers! ;-)

Anyway, we start with a clean slate in June, so read all you want. For now.

I found out about our glitch on Sunday night when I went to update for the much anticipated return of...I mean, the next comic. I was pondering ways to string you, the most excellent fans in the world, out 'cause we all know what's coming. Then I thought to myself, "Self, let's not play with the emotions of the best fans in the world and go ahead and post that update. Early even." Alas, it was not to be. I considered expanding my sevice, but I'm getting slightly annoyed at my host, who doesn't seem to be able to quite answer the questions that I ask, nor provide any reliable way to track my bandwidth usage. Plus, I believe we would be pushing the limits of the NEXT level of service very shortly (more on that later.) So, some time this month we will be migrating TSOALR to a server that can handle the massive load of hilarity we dish out twice a week.

Regular updates will resume tomorrow...

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